Holiday Miracle Events

The Miracle began on December 25, 1996 when the Denver ChopHouse staff, driven to brighten the holiday for the area’s hungry and homeless population, served a Christmas feast complete with all of the trimmings to 250 homeless men, women and children in the community.

What began as a small gesture of kindness has now spread across the United States. This year alone, more than 6,100 children and their families in Boise, Colorado Springs, Denver, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Portland will receive an outpouring of goodwill through our Miracle events.



Thanksgiving Gatherings

It became time to grow. As our Miracle events developed and thrived in locations across the United States, the pervasive need for a new kind of celebration emerged amongst homeless families in our community: a celebration on Thanksgiving Day. The Thanksgiving Gathering event includes a traditional Thanksgiving meal, hosted for local homeless and displaced families and served by eager community members.

This is a day centered on dignity and celebration, served up with a side of warm hospitality. Guests are transported from shelters to our restaurants for a delicious holiday meal. More important than anything else though, guests feel honored and cared for by gracious community members, because that is what the Thanksgiving Gathering is all about. This year, restaurants in Seattle, Longmont, and Manhattan, KS will be hosting over 1,600 guests at our Thanksgiving Gatherings.


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Volunteer Now - Thanksgiving Gathering

Thank you to all of the great volunteers who made our 2014 events a huge success! If you are interested in volunteering for 2015, please check back the last week of October, 2015.


Spring Gatherings

To celebrate spring we will serve 1500 guests a spring brunch with all the trimmings, typically around the Easter/Passover holiday. This year restaurants in Omaha, Orland Park, Illinois will open their doors to help those in need in their local communities. Guests are transported from community shelters to our restaurants, where the tables are dressed in white linens and a traditional Spring Feast is offered to guests. Each child will enjoy a special memento to commemorate the day!


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Volunteer Now - Spring Gatherings

Thank you to all of our volunteers for making our 2013 Spring Gatherings a success! If you would like to Donate to either of our Spring Gathering 2014 events, please click the Donate Now link above, and select an event.
For more information about Volunteering - please contact the locations directly:
For Omaha, contact Chad Gumbert at
For Orland Park, contact Berta Bailey at